January 5, 2016 Joe Broccoli

4 Easy steps to a New Year with a New Career

It’s the first month of 2016. Typically, the New Year means great sales, crowded gyms, and a miserable week or two after returning from a wonderful vacation. However, maybe one of these things doesn’t have to be the case. Maybe, you can stop going work at a place you hate and carve a new path. Maybe, your New Year’s resolution is to finally make that move to your next big opportunity.

So, being that you will most likely not be alone in this thought process. I’ve outlined 4 quick thoughts to keep in mind when maneuvering yourself into a new role to help stand out from the crowd.

  1. Explore all the option at your current role first.

As much as I would love to work with you, maybe you have not taken a look at everything your current job has to offer. A new year means a new budget and a whole new game plan, so make sure you know what your company has in store for you first before you move on. Chat with your manager, bring any concerns to their attention, and get their thoughts on what you want out of this role. Many times, the problem can be solved and you don’t have to pack up and leave.

  1. Negotiate up front if you can.

I know this is a bit counter-intuitive, but this rule is especially helpful if you are partnering with a recruiter. When you are working with a good recruiter, your goal is to be as transparent as possible so they can negotiate for you. If you are expecting 70,000 in a role, don’t tell a recruiter 60,000 and wait until the last minute to try to “negotiate” with them. While recruiters have the ability to negotiate with hiring managers, a lot of jobs have strict budget requirements. Save yourself the time and tell them the exact range up front, so that they can find the best opportunity for you and make sure you are put in a position to earn the salary you desire.

  1. Write things down.

Everyone applies to multiple jobs online. It’s an easy way to cover more ground and the application process is usually simplistic. However, it is a HUGE red flag to receive a call from a recruiter, a member of HR, or a hiring manager and start the conversations out with, “Which job is this?” Instead, keep a detailed spreadsheet listing the job, job number, link, employer, and date you applied. It will make things much easier down the road and avoid an awkward first impression. 

  1. Be aggressive.

Put everything out on the table when you chat with potential employers. I know this is obvious, but you don’t want to regret your decision and be doing the same thing in 3 months! Have a list, write down your expectations vs what is negotiable, and hold yourself to that throughout the interview process. 

Happy New Year, and Happy Hunting!

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Joe Broccoli Working with clients to help deliver quality has been a passion of mine from day one, and I am continuing to harness my talents to assist in reaching and surpassing the overall goals of the iStaff team as well as clients throughout greater Atlanta. I have been able to grow and develop my skills in the Atlanta staffing market by never forgetting that good relationships are imperative to success.

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