October 25, 2015 Nate Barrett

Servant Based Recruiting

I think like a lot of people out there I battled myself with how I viewed my career choice for a long time.  There was a long period of time when I did not like telling people that I was a recruiter because I was afraid of the perception that they may have had about a recruiter in the past or they may have heard that recruiters are annoying, or all they are trying to do is to get you to change jobs.  I truly battled with this for many years until I heard someone say that you are in your career/job for a reason, and if you are blessed enough to be good at your job you should embrace it and truly take it as this is what you have been called to do.

I am a good recruiter….Some may even call me a great recruiter, and I since my perception has changed I truly love my job and I love sharing with people what I do.  As I reflected about my calling, my mentality changed from trying to fill jobs to truly serving the people that I come in contact with.  Sure the end goal is to fill the job with the best person, however the shift came when I started focusing on trying to fully understand what a candidate was trying to accomplish with their job change.  I made a conscious decision to not put square pegs in round holes and to never force something that should be natural.  That is when my success in recruiting really picked up.

You will never hear me start a conversation with a candidate, telling them about what I have.  Instead I always focus on questions that are important to the individual.  What are you are looking for? Why are you wanting to make a job change? What is important to you outside of work?  Sure, sometimes people just need a job but these questions are vital to that person’s quality of life and are vital to ensuring that you are truly being a servant in recruiting.  When I focus on these questions and what is important to the individual I know what jobs to present to the candidate and what jobs to not present to the candidate, which makes my ability to “close” a non-issue the majority of the time.

Serving others does not mean that I never run into road blocks, however it does help me to feel confident that I did all that I could to understand the candidate and to try to meet their needs.  In addition I never get mad when a candidate turns down my job for something that better met their needs.  I am a big believer that we were put here on this Earth to serve rather than to be served and the more I can shift my focus to serving in all aspects of my life, the better my life becomes.

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Nate Barrett Nate is a IT Recruiting Lead at iStaff. His years of IT Staffing experience coupled with his high touch candidate first approach have made him a successful player in the Atlanta market for nearly a decade.

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